Safe Personal Alarm for Women with pin, Loud Siren and Flashing Strobe Led Light, Patented Self Defense Siren. Security and Safety Alarm for Seniors and Kids.


  • EASY TO USE, Personal alarm for self-defense, but all so very useful for elderly and children in case all kind of emergency and accidents. What ever it is, with this you will get noticed, just pull the pin and loud 130db sound and flashing strobe light will get you heard.
  • FLASHING STROBE LIGHT, will be the biggest difference to other alarms. Led light brightness is about 220lm, nothing special here, but the strobe feature will make this so much powerful and it works best in the dark. In the dark when the human eye is adapted to dark this strobe will literally make attacker blind for a moment if directed straight in the eyes. It will all so let you alarm sound position to be noticed much more easily in the darkness with flashing light.
  • SMALL AND LIGHT, this alarm is only 0.93 oz and 3.8 in height, it fits the palm of your hand and it is easy to take it with you where ever you go. Comes with carbine hook to easily attach the alarm to bags, belts, jackets, keychain etc. Discreet look doesn't draw too much unwanted attention to this alarm.
  • MATERIAL, it's made from plastic, no NASA materials, no fiberglass, no "military grade" plastic, just plastic. It is, however weather proof it will stand regular rain, but don't submerse it into the water. It will take quite a beating, so if you drop it by accident, it will survive this because it's so light. You can use it pretty rugged conditions and it doesn't' fail you in time of need.
  • Enough for sales speech, now for most important matter. We really want you to protect yourself and your loved ones. If you don't buy this alarm that's ok, buy someone else, they all probably do the work and you have plenty to choose from, or buy something else protection that suits your needs. At the end of the day, when the time comes, you are far better with it than without it. Be safe.
  • Pack of 3

3-Pack Safe Personal Alarm for Women with Pin