• The upgraded version of the brush grip adopts a more advanced ergonomic grip design, the grip is more firm and stable, and the force is more balanced and comfortable. The pet hair remover made of safe and harmless ABS plastic and green nylon fiber will also support you to clean up the fallen hair of pets on sofas, chairs, beds, and other scenes, and will not cause any damage to your furniture.
  • The pet hair remover brush adopts self-cleaning manufacturing technology. Rollback and forth on the surface of the furniture you want to clean, you can easily collect the fur in the trash box of the pet brush, then open the lid, discard the hair, and simply clean the base, The reusable lint roller is as clean as a new one, What better than a pet hair cleaning tool that is easier to clean? Buy it now! Note: washable, but need to dry before next use.
  • 100% reusable pet hair lint roller. With this pet fur remover, you no longer have to waste money to buy adhesives or tapes. No battery or power supply. Simply roll it back and forth to collect pet fur, Then pour the hair into the trash can and reuse it. This portable lint brush can provide you with green and economic life!
  • The 2020 Quality Upgrade Pet hair remover brush can easily and quickly remove every stubborn piece of hair scattered around the room, and your furniture and clothes will be thoroughly cleaned without any hair or lint. Pet hair remover can quickly remove the hair, impurities, and lint accumulated on carpets, sofas, car cushions, blankets, beds, clothes, etc. You will get a tidy home environment experience in less than a second.
  • Do not clean brush surface directly with water.Instead, use a soft towel and soak in water or synthetic detergent to clean the brush surface.The same goes for cleaning rubbish bins.Then you'll find that your pet's hair remover is as clean as new.

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